Products and Services

Agricultural Productivity = Yield + Efficiency. Terrapix focus is on the efficiency side of this equation. We do this by capturing and supplying quick turnaround, detailed aerial imagery of crops in true colour (what we can see), colour infrared, CIR (near infrared reflectance, what we can’t see) and computer generated normalised difference vegetation index, NDVI (crop index to visually compare large areas quickly for crop density and relative health).

Our imagery has been used to identify and remedy (if possible):

  • irrigation problems (CIR is very good for this)
  • nutritional disorders (particularly nitrogen deficiencies)
  • plant sowing problems
  • water logging and poor drainage
  • missed fertiliser striping
  • random wheel tracks and soil compaction from previous operations (paddock history)
  • pest damage
  • crop diseases (Rhizoctonia, Nematodes)
  • consistent areas that are growing well

Specialist Spatial Projects:

  • Whole-of-operation research project design and budgeting
  • Repeat aerial remote sensing of crops
  • Field observations at within-paddock reflector plates locations
  • Post-harvest statistics
  • Spatial statistics and modelling
    • Yield prediction
    • Crop density
    • Whole-of-season reviews
    • Area calculations and grower compensation payments


“Thank you for the image. It uploaded straight into my VRI mapping program and was perfectly aligned, could not be better. Just book me in next time you a flying. It is very powerful data to have and I have adjusted my irrigation zones with this data.”

Robbie Tole
Manager. Greenvale Pastoral.

“The use of mid-season aerial imagery should be encouraged for the early detection of within-field deficiencies in the major macronutrients (N:P:K)”

Brett Whelan
University of Sydney.

Understanding spatial variability in potato cropping to improve yield and production efficiency
Horticulture Innovation Australia. Project Code PT13000.

“If you look at southern block you can see strips parallel with urea tram tracks. They haven’t been spreading the urea evenly.”

Andrew Dowling
Manager. Verwood. February 2017

“Thanks for the last images, they were very handy.”

Scott Morris
Farm Operation Manager. Simplot Australia. January 2017

“…the imagery helped identify areas that went off early. These areas can’t be easily seen in the field.”

Ed Blanchard
Field Officer. Simplot Australia. 2016 Season Review.

“The imaging really helped my sampling throughout the growing season. I was better able to quickly identify stress points, both wet and dry.”

Wayne Meagher
Field Officer. Simplot Australia. 2016 Season Review.

“We are pleased with the progress of imagery. From a handful of images in 2011 we flew 78 potato crops and several brassica crops last summer to gain an understanding of the imagery and how it represents crop vigour and irrigation stress. The crucial benefit of the service has been the quick turnaround of imagery.

The ‘fly today- view the image tomorrow’ is exactly where the service needs to be as it allows instant recognition of potential problems and quick rectification if able.”

Frank Mulcahy.
Agricultural Services Research & Development Manager. Simplot Australia
Email 2015.