Aerial imaging solutions for agriculture

Aerial imagery can identify plant growth problems quickly before they can be seen by the human eye alone

Identify and treat crop stress points early, quickly and accurately

  • Be informed and in control
  • Save time and money
  • Increase your productivity
  • Maximize your yields

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Simplot Australia

“The imaging really helped my sampling throughout the growing season. I was better able to quickly identify stress points, both wet and dry.”

Wayne Meagher
Field Officer
Simplot Australia

Simplot Australia

“we are pleased with the progress of imagery. From a handful of images in 2011 we flew 78 potato crops and several brassica crops last summer to gain an understanding of the imagery and how it represents crop vigour and irrigation stress. The crucial benefit of the service has been the really quick turnaround of imagery.

The ‘fly today- view the image tomorrow’ is exactly where the service needs to be as it allows instant recognition of potential problems and quick rectification if able.”

Frank Mulcahy
Agricultural Services
Research & Development Manager
Simplot Australia